Securing grants or other funding can go a long way to help a new event get off the ground and event organisers should consider this a priority when planning for their event. Consider the following avenues for revenue raising for your event.


Grant funding for events is available from a number of different sources depending on the size, scale and who the event will benefit.  It is important that you allow yourself sufficient time to research appropriate grants and also to complete the application.

To get you started the Events Hub have put together information for you regarding grants and where to source them. 

Grant Funding Sources


A common way to get funding for your festival is to obtain sponsorship from your community. These can be monetary donations or in kind sponsorship (i.e. donations in return for advertising).

Local producers and retailers may not be in a position to donate money but could provide product instead. For example, bakeries, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable suppliers and cafes/restaurants could donate goods & services.


Organisations are always looking for ways to connect with their customers in the communities where their products and services are available. Many organisations have a budget to sponsor charitable events including festivals. The best way to attract corporate sponsors to your festival is to prepare a sponsorship letter and detailed sponsorship proposal outlining the specific benefits the company will receive in return for their sponsorship such as signage, booth location, ad placement, exposure before the day/on the day etc. They will need to know visitor demographics and the amount of traffic you expect at your event.